Maui Bikes and Petroglyphs


When we bought our condos at Aina Nalu we were excited to take advantage of the bike hut on property. We bought ourselves a couple of bikes and started riding all over Lahaina Maui. Biking around Maui is not for the beginner biker as there are few bike trails and most of the time you have to ride on the road shoulders. The WestMauiCycle site has a great map that shows all the bicycle routes on the island

As you can see most of the routes are on major roads so car traffic can be heavy at times. It is best to ride early in the day for a couple reasons. One, it can get quite hot on a bike in the afternoon sun. Two, Maui is famous for its trade winds. They are no fun on a bike unless of course the wind is at your back, but at some point you have to turn back around 🙂 Also, the roads around Lahaina are mainly flat but can be a little bumpy.

One fun bike ride close to Lahaina is the Olowalu Petroglyph trail. As you leave Lahaina, take a right on the Honoapi’ilani highway. You will ride under a canopy of beautiful old trees that intertwine over the road. Before you get to the Olowalu general store, you will want to take a left on the road that goes behind the store. After about a 100 feet, turn left at the big tree. Follow the trail until you see a sign for the Olowalu Petroglyphs.

Once you arrive you will find more than 70 petroglyphs that are over 300 years old. Be careful not to lean on the handrail. Like most metal objects in Maui, it is pretty rusty from the salt air.


Although you can bring a bike with you on most major airlines for a price, it is better to rent them.  West Maui Cycles offers bike rentals in Lahaina and has bikes ranging from cruisers for $15 a day to carbon fiber road bikes for $60 a day.

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