Winter in Maui is whale season.

The Whales have returned

Come visit the whales of Maui.

It’s winter in Maui and that means the whales have returned. Every year hundreds of humpback whales make the 3500 mile trek from the icy waters of Alaska to the warm shallow waters of Maui. The spectacular site of these 40-ton “giants of the sea” frolicking with their calves is a must see for anyone visiting Maui. The year-round perfect weather of Maui coupled with these amazing creatures, make winter the most popular time of year to visit.

There are numerous companies in Lahaina Maui offering a variety of whale watching experiences. The large number of choices allow you to customize your experience to find the perfect fit for you. You can choose a tour on a small intimate raft boat or book with one of the larger cruise companies or choose an option in between.

Even if you don’t book a cruise, you can still experience the magic of the whales. They are so prevalent during the winter, you can often see them from the land. You can also hear their incredible songs underwater while you enjoy some of the other wonderful water sports Maui has to offer.

We have a beautiful 1 bedroom vacation rental located in the heart of Lahaina with limited availability during whale season. Come visit and see these majestic creatures for yourself.

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About Lahaina Maui Vacation Rental

We offer two luxury 1 bedroom suites located in the heart of historic Lahaina Maui just steps away from the wonderful restaurants and shops on famous Front street. See our site for more information:
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